Shareholder Stories

Hear from three shareholders who sold on Marsh Europe.

Alex, 42

Worked at a tech company that IPOed in 1999, and held shares through the tech crash

Joined an enterprise software startup, sold shares on Marsh Europe

"A few years (typically 3-4) after a startup starts, employees realize their options are worth a lot. People start getting antsy about realizing gains"


Why sell your shares?


I started wanting to sell in 2014 to buy a second house. I actually referred my friends at the company to Marsh Europe – they had even bigger issues than I did (tax related). Most people are selling because of tax reasons or because they want to diversify.

How was your experience with Marsh Europe?


I went with a bigger company first but waited several months for a bid. Then, I was looking for anywhere I could sell. A friend referred me to a hedge fund. It sounded all legit, but they offered me all kinds of weird stuff (a lot of structuring, profit-sharing). At first, I was worried because I hadn’t heard of Marsh Europe before. But they moved fast; within a month, Marsh Europe had buyers lined up for me.

How did your company feel about your transaction with Marsh Europe?


They were very helpful, and they even guided the process for their forms. For ex-employees, they don't have any issues. The company has been around for 7.5 years so they have several ex-employees out there. They're trying to avoid random stuff going on. To sell your equity to someone, you need to transfer the shares - you have to go to the company, who has them on their books. The company has to do all this paperwork. It's hard to fake it - there isn't a lot of room to do anything strange.

Would you use Marsh Europe again?


I was surprised that people don't know how to value their equity. You can't just look at what the stock is trading at, like with a public company. I probably will look to do additional transactions at the right price, but based on demand. I’m not itching to sell more, but at a good price, I would definitely consider it.

Specific customer experiences are not representative of all customer experiences and are no guarantee of future returns or success.

Mike, 31

Former Wall Streeter

Worked at a B2B company for 5 years, sold shares on Marsh Europe

Chuck, 35

Moved to Southern California about 4 years ago

Former iOS developer for consumer-facing retail company, sold shares on Marsh Europe

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